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About Holistic me

Holistic me combines mental and physical wellbeing. Holistic means a wholesome approach. Body and mind are connected therefore the approaches I offer take adequate care of both aspects, appreciating you as a whole person.

For example, tiredness can be the result of a number of factors. An obvious solution may be to sleep more, and this may improve physical tiredness, but this alone may not resolve mental tiredness. More exercise, stress reduction or compassion could benefit both body and mind here.

Through a Holistic me process together we will determine what is needed in your life and how to achieve these needs..

About Myself

My name is Birthe Davies. I live together with my English husband and two sons in Zaandam. In 2000 I came to the Netherlands from Germany and studied philosophy and German at the University of Amsterdam.

Next to working as a German and philosophy teacher in secondary schools for more than 12 years, I decided to launch Holistic me with the focus on wellbeing, coping with unhelpful stress responses, and personal growth.

After considering methods developed with these aims in mind I chose to train in the practice of mindfulness, compassion and Virtues, a lesser known approach. I discovered the Virtues Project when I started my first Yoga teachers training. I loved the different approach that the Virtues Project offers to people, and started applying it in my own life. Recognising the positive effects I continued studying until I became a facilitator of the Virtues Project.

Yoga has been a constant in my life since I started practicing it as a university student in 2001. For me, aspects of the discipline combine perfectly with Mindfulness, Compassion and Virtues and for this reason I have also qualified to date as a children and teenagers Yoga teacher, and Yin yoga teacher.

Through Holistic me my goal is to bring a little extra happiness into the world.

Destress and Relax

In a series of eight sessions I will give you a basic overview of mindfulness, compassion and virtues in combination with yoga. We will discuss and practice breathing techniques, meditations and easy to follow exercises.
This course is recommended for people with either no, or very little knowledge of any of the approaches, or for people who are more interested in easy yoga. This course is also perfect for pupils in secondary schools and students.


Duration: eight sessions, 1,5 hour per session
Date and time: planned to suit your schedule
Location: Czaar Peterplantsoen 6, 1506RD Zaandam
Cost: 80 euro

Mindfulness Workshop

In a series of eight sessions I will help you learn how to feel more balanced in your life, and cope better with everyday life stresses.Simple exercises will help you gain insights into your physical and mental needs.
Mindfulness is seen as a process, not a destination. The goal is long term change in your approach to life aided by the tools learnt in the training.
Research has shown that Mindfulness in this form can have a beneficial impact on wellbeing. Individual program, but small group of friends is also possible. Call or send a message to make an appointment.


Duration: eight sessions, 1,5 hours per session
Dates and times: planned to suit your schedule
Location: Czaar Peterplantsoen 6, 1506RD Zaandam
Cost: 300 euro

Compassion Workshop

Are you looking after everyone but forget to look after yourself? Are the needs of other more important than your personal needs? Are your good intentions wearing you down instead of lifting you up? Maybe this a workshop for you!
Learning to treat yourself as you treat others is what you learn in this training. Be your own best friend and look after yourself.
Available as an individual program, but if you prefer to come with a small group of friends that is also possible.


Duration: eight sessions, 1,5 - 2 hour per session
Date en time: planned to suit your schedule
Location: Czaar Peterplantsoen 6, 1506RD Zaandam
Cost: 300 euro


Raising children is one of the most difficult tasks in life. Some people are doing that reasonably easily. Others, like me, need support. Use of the virtues can offer this support. In the virtues-two days you learn how to communicate with your children and family differently to achieve more harmony in your home. But personal growth will also be central, therefore this workshop is also suitable for people without children. You will learn the five strategies of the Virtue project
• Speak the Language of the Virtues
• Recognize Teachable Moments
• Set Clear Boundaries
• Honor the Spirit (Take time for rest and reflection)
• Offer Companioning (Give active attention to others and yourself)
Shorter workshops are also available. Get in touch for more details.


Duration: two whole days
Dates en times: get in touch for trainings
Location: Czaar Peterplantsoen 6, 1506RD Zaandam
Cost: 200 euro

Virtues in the Classroom

Not every class is the same and not every pupil is the same.
How can you deal with the children in your classroom and communicate so that they feel acknowledged? You'll learn this at this workshop. Dealing with (difficult) colleagues will also be discussed here.
I'm happy to come to your school for a half-day from four colleagues, but you are also cordially invited to follow this workshop at my home.


Duration: four hours
Date en times: planned to suit your schedule
Location: at your school or training facility
Cost: 395 euro for the whole workshop, maximum of 10 participants per session
The sessions taught me so much. And thank you for the feeling that I can always be myself with you.



When I walk into your house, it is like coming come. So nice.


Destress and relax is the only hour in my week where I can relax and do not have to perform.


Destress & Relax

In a relaxed atmosphere, Birthe explains what mindfulness is in a clear and easy to understand way. Combined with the exercises provided, I found this was an excellent introduction to mindfulness.



I have once more learned to pay attention to my body through the caring and calm approach of Birthe. Every week I reconnect with myself again, wonderful.


Yin Yoga

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