About Myself & Holistic me

My name is Birthe Davies. I live together with my English husband and two sons in Zaandam. In 2000 I came to the Netherlands from Germany and studied philosophy and German at the University of Amsterdam.

I am trained in yoga (kids, virtues and yin), mindfulness compassion and virtues. I work as a German and philosophy teacher in a secondary school.
On the Holistic me website I love to share the things that have helped, and continue to help me to cope with everyday life.
Here you will find;
- Yoga Sequences – always be careful while doing yoga. Listen to your body and remain aware of your boundaries;
- Little mindfulness tips - feel free to print, and pass them on if they bring you joy;
- Audio files with shorter and longer meditations – ideal to start or end every day.

Through Holistic me my goal is to bring a little extra happiness into the world.

Yoga Sequences

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Mindfulness Tips

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